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Unreal to see my first release on Shogun Audio!!

This label has influenced me since I first fell in love with drum & bass ♥

Thank you for all the support 🙂

Hold On Me” out now on Shogun Audio

So grateful to contribute vocals on this one!

Was a dream come true to be featured on UKF, hope it uplifts your spirit ♥

Into The Blue” out on Galacy

“Took us all a while to get there
We keep going
High up in that mountain air
(Keep going)
Where I saw bodies of oceans 
In your eyes
That the sky is your mind
Bodies of oceans
All waves in motion
And still at the same time
Into the blue
Wouldn’t be here 
If it wasn’t for you”


#anastasia #dnb #female #vocal #drumandbass #liquid #bass 

  1. Deetroh said:

    I love this track, your voice is golden.

    Keep the music coming please!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Love the new track with Reflektor!

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