4 track EP with Trading Fours ♥️ Inner City Dance

 "lost songs that were never written..." 💔

 So many emotions today, a long time project in the works with Toronto duo Trading Fours, the "Five Hour Tealights EP" with 4 tracks total featuring remixes by gremlinz, Jesta, and werkflow 🎧 Including original songs "Uplifted" and "Five Hour Tealights"  

Surreal to see my first release on Toronto label Inner City Dance, run by my hometown heroes Marcus Visionary and DJ Lush. It's a label I've looked up to for a long time and a bucket list milestone. ☀️ 

Massive thanks to Data Transmission D&B for the premiere 🙏 

And huge thanks to Tyr Kohout for recording and editing my vocals 🎤


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