Footsteps EP 👣

 "I know that each step counts, but my head was in the clouds"

 New music for your heart and mind ❤️ Grateful to have 2 songs in this collaborative "Footsteps EP" from Tyr Kohout and Reflektor, out on Soul Deep Recordings.

The title track "Footsteps" also features Tyr's voice in the beautiful harmonies 🙂 This project was a long time in the making. Watching Tyr Kohout and Reflektor put so much care and craftsmanship into every production detail was awe-inspiring, I think "Footsteps" has over 100 channels in it 😅 The lyrics are really personal to me too, I hope you resonate with them 🙏 

The EP also features my vocal duet with Tyr called "For Tomorrow" which includes my keyboard work 🎹 This one will always hold a special place in my heart. We started this project before we were dating, and as we continued to work on it, I realized that I was falling for him ❤️❤️ Almost 2 years later & here we are, grateful for every moment. Hope you vibe this project 🙏



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