new collab with Colossus 👁️ "Seeker"

"I can't do this on my own... will you tell me, where do I go?"

By many measures, our society has come so far, but we obviously have so much more to go. The path forward can be unclear and complex. I feel confused and lost a lot of the time.

"I'm guessing, I need a new perspective..." 🌱 

Produced by Colossus and with my vocals recorded by Tyr Kohout, I'm really grateful for its release, out now on the new Galacy "Identities II" compilation!!

I recorded the vocals for "Seeker" in February 2020, and the lyrics give me a lot more to reflect on now.

"looking out, looking in..." 🦋 

 And huuuuge thank you to Liquicity for premiering "Seeker" on YouTube & to you for all your feedback 💜




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