"Satellites" collab with Synergy 📡 out on UKF Pilot

"We were tryin' to get high..." 💔

IT'S HERE!!! 📡📡📡 "Satellites" is a collab with Synergу, and I'm SO grateful they trusted me with this vocal. Lots of unspoken emotion poured into this one, and I hope you resonate with it.

Massive thank you to Tyr Kohout for recording and editing my vocals, and to Thibaud Moussel for believing in me. 🙏

Absolutely surreal to release on Pilot Records for the first time, and I can't thank you enough for the UKF Drum & Bass premiere!!! 💜 Also have to shout out the homie STRANJAH for taking this press shot of me, first time having my face on a UKF upload 😅





 P.S. Here's a behind-the-scenes video from recording the vocal at Tyr Kohout's studio back in February 2020!

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